Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hartnell College Offers Introduction to Green Building this fall

Construction Technology is now the Center for Sustainable Construction at Hartnell

Hartnell College in Salinas has added Green Building to its Fall curriculum. This course will be the first step toward an entire program for Environmental Management and Sustainable Design. There are two advanced courses planned for the Spring Semester, so there is momentum building.

I have been Chair for Hartnell's Environmental Management and Sustainable Design Advisory Group for almost a year. When I first talked to Mike Thomas about the purpose of the Advisory Group, I realized that there was a blank slate. I thought the only way we could chart this new territory is through the charette process. Our group met once a month for several months, planning a charette that would create a vision, a mission statement, and potential courses. The charette was a huge success.

The Introduction to Green Building course was designed to help construction management students, but also the community. Some of the topics to be covered are: Green Building definitions & careers, site selection & orientation, materials & methods, energy, indoor air quality, off site impacts, certification systems, professional accreditation, safety, records & computer tools, financial tools. The course was developed in conjunction with the Sustainability Academy. Laura Strohm, founder of the Sustainability Academy is also a member of the Hartnell Advisory group. Jordan Daniels, Co-Chair of the USGBC Monterey Branch will be the instructor. He should be able to tap into experience from the LEED project "Uptown Monterey," and the projects he over sees with Building Wise.

The official course title is: "CON 120 - SECTION #1366 - INTRODUCTION TO GREEN BUILDING"

Classes will be on Monday nights (6-9pm) from August 17th to December 14th, 2009. You can register by calling (831) 755-6755 or on-line at www.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

First LEED registered Floating Building is launched

The platform for the LEED registered Marina Services Building at Cottonwood Cove, Searchlight Nevada is in place. In these pictures you can see its location in the Marina. The platform was erected on land under strict protection for Lake Mead, as well as other erosion controls. I am in the process of reviewing invoices for the materials to document the recycle content of the platform. Construction of the building is due to start soon.