Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Community Justice Center Earns LEED Platinum!

Monterey College of Law's Community Justice Center has achieved a Platinum LEED rating. The project succeeded in getting all 55 points it was designed to achieve through its sustainable features. Platinum LEED only requires 52 points. This is the first Platinum LEED building in the Monterey Bay area completed by a 100% local Design-Build team (JHW Architects and Ausonio Incorporated).

Monterey College of Law has been working on this project for longer than three years, since it was Phase II. The LEED process started mid-2007, and the integrated a design approach was instrumental in its success, not to mention a very committed Dean and Board of Directors.

This project has its share of firsts.
It is the first Platinum LEED project nationally that:
1. Is a building for a Law School.
2. Will serve as a court house.

It is the first local Platimum LEED project that:
1. Had a local architect (JHW Architects, Daryl Hawkins).
2. Had a local LEED AP (yours truly).
3. Brought together a local Design-Build team from the Monterey Bay.

Interestingly, this project was the second LEED Platinum building in the city of Seaside California.